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Can I buy a car without visiting the showroom?

It’s becoming very common from 2020 for many of our customers to see their car online, then transfer a deposit and not actually see the car in person until collection or delivery. We offer a full money back solution if your car is not what was described. All our cars are professionally valeted and mechanically checked / serviced before sale.

How much will I get for my Trade in?

As a rule of thumb your car is worth to Ozone ‘€1000 less than a similar mileage and condition car on DoneDeal’. This us allows us to buy yours competitively, service it, valet it and offer warranty to its new buyer. Most realistic buyers like our honest approach.

To Get a true value on your trade in we need to inspect it- or at least see WhatsApp pictures of its defects, scratches etc. When asked to give prices over the phone/by email, garages tend indicate to give the lowest possible price. To get the best value, please call in with your trade in for inspection. Often customers sell their trade in privately to maximise its value and therefore your ‘buy-ability’.

How to apply for Finance?

Fill out Ozone’s simple online finance application. We go to the market and shop for your competitive rate every time. We more often get customers finance approved within 4 hours – once customers have all details to hand.

How much deposit do I need?

We request a 10% ‘holding deposit’. The lender will require from 0% – 10% deposit of the loan. Call us to discuss 100% finance options in some circumstances. Garages offering no deposit are usually putting up the price of their car up to cover the required deposit- we don’t.

I’ve a poor credit history- can I get finance with Ozone?

Our lenders lend based upon your affordability- not on history. They offer up to 92%+ of applicants loans within 4 to 48 hours. The poorer your history – the higher your rate.

Is my deposit refundable?

We only want to take deposits from people who are ready to purchase. Once a deposit is placed this prevents Ozone from selling your car to anyone else. For this reason we don’t refund deposits (unless it was bought online without viewing).

Can I use my car as deposit?

Yes- we take trade in vehicles, but at realistic prices.

What do I need to do after I fill out the application?

Send us the following: (a) last 3 Months Current account bank statements with your name and address printed on the top (*in PDF format preferably). (b) Your last 3 payslips and a copy of your in-date Irish or Euro driving license.

Please note these must be clearly visible and in date and in PDF format emailed to [email protected] . You can WhatsApp images of the documents to 0863811233.

Is there a minimum income level to apply?

Each lender varies but you would need to be taking home approx. €1400 as a minimum but they also take all household income into consideration ie: partner/spouse, Family income support etc.

How long does the finance process take?

Some lenders have a decision within 4 hours. The lenders specialising in bad credit take longer. The most delays are from getting the proofs into the lender. Once all of them are in sent it speeds things significantly.

What warranty comes with the car?

Many of our modern cars are sold to customers with their manufacturer’s warranty remaining. Many enjoy warranty between 2 and 7 years from Date of Manufacture. This is subject to mileage caps and service history. Please discuss the history of your car with your Ozone agent.

For vehicles both inside and outside manufacturer’s warranty Ozone can offer independent warranty from €199 per annum (up to 24 months). Ozone are authorised dealers for CarProtect and Mapfre. This gives customers the added peace of mind of knowing they can bring their vehicle to a dealer near them rather than to Ozone Cars. This is of particular benefit to customers far away.

Note: no warranty covers standard wear & tear such as brake pads, brake disks, clutch, tyres, droplinks, suspension wear or shock replacement. It does not cover bolt on parts on the engine. It covers in the event of major mechanical failure resulting in engine or gearbox loss for example.

Ozone’s Standard garage warranty of 3 months or 5000km applies – whichever comes first, – if an independent warranty is not purchased separately.

What do I do if my car breaks down?

If your car breaks down, get it to us and we’ll get you back on the road asap. We will link you to a loan car in the Leinster region if necessary. In the case where the breakdown is not covered under the terms and conditions of the warranty we will try offer some form of goodwill to help out.

Will the car be serviced before I buy?

We service all vehicles before delivery unless servicing has been recently carried out and we have proof of this via service history etc.

Do Ozone deliver?

We offer a nationwide delivery service- depending on what deal is done, sometimes we can include this in the price but usually there will be a small extra delivery cost covering fuel and a drivers pay.

Is the price negotiable?

We aim to be the best value on the market when comparing like-for-like and we usually are unbeaten! For this reason our prices are fixed.

What payments do you accept?

We accept all card payments, bank draft and credit transfers. Please note credit cards will incur a 3% charge.